updates, shift and change in the studio

the studio at 13 east tulane is shifting and changing over time. we originally started out with a humble studio on summit in the winter of 2009. the idea for a space was conceived of by jamie boyle and herb vincent peterson, who later invited aimee sones, adele mattern and ryan agnew to join them. the studio on summit was not the right location and the group moved to our present location at 13 east tulane in the spring of 2009.

lots of making and events have occurred since then and are archived here on the blog.

adele relocated to massachusetts where she continues to practice. her website is www.adelemattern.com

jamie boyle recieved a greater columbus arts council neighborhood arts program grant to support the video support group film school in the spring of 2010.

jessica larva joined the studio in the fall of 2009.

mike shiflet joined the studio in the fall of 2010 and began hosting the Monumental Documents Listening Sessions and It Sounds Like It's Open on tuesday evenings.

studio mates winter 2011, from left to right: mike shiflet, jessica larva, herb vincent peterson, aimee sones and ryan agnew (center)

studio mates may 2009, from left to right: aimee sones, jamie boyle, herb peterson, ryan agnew and adele mattern

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