Jesse Hemminger is Alive!

A Q&A with our studiomate Jesse Hemminger is now featured in Alive!

Click HERE to read the Q&A article and also visit his website,

You can see Jesse's sauerkraut-powered robots in person at Franklin Park Conservatory's exhibition HUNGRY PLANET: LOCAL FOOD, GLOBAL VIEW

Open Meditation August

Sunday, August 14 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
13 East Tulane

"Awakened within a dream,
I fall into my own arms.
....what kept you so long?"

-Lou Hartman

Join me and friends in the practice of quiet sitting. Together we can support each other to deepen our calm awareness and sharpen our insight. We will have two sessions of 20 minutes with a short walking in between. Everyone will have the opportunity to speak and to listen before and after the sit so we can pass along insights and answer each other's questions. Then we'll have tea.

Folks new to the practice are welcome. Some chairs and cushions will be available but you may want to bring your own. Feel free to pass on the invitation to others.

May our time together be a benefit to all beings.

-Seth Josephson