Open Meditation
Sunday Jan. 9th, 11:00am

All are welcome to join and sit quietly together. Seth Josephson (Buddhist Network of Central Ohio and MA/PhD student at OSU's Department of Comparative Studies) will facilitate with an introduction to Zen and other Buddhist meditation styles. Participants are welcome to practice any form of meditation or prayer they feel comfortable with and are invited to share their techniques and the experience of getting to know themselves with awareness. Two 20 minute sessions will be followed by tea. Participants are welcome to bring a cushion. Donations to the It Looks Like It's Open space will be accepted.

"Learn to take the backward step that turns the light inward to illuminate the self. Body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will manifest."- Dogen Zenji

image of handmade glass stones by Keikichi Honna, 2010

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