Please join us on Saturday for
A one-time-only, site-specific performance exploring a series of questions that music poses better than words.

Performers: Lindsay Bernhagen - Ricky Crano - Andrew Lehman - Rachel Marschner - Joe Panzner - Claire Shank - Barry Shank - Shari Speer

from the program notes:

"Perhaps that is what time is: the ultimate existence of parts of different sizes and shapes, which cannot be adapted, which do not develop at the same rhythm, and which the stream of style does not sweep along at the same speed."—Gilles Deleuze

"Sonorous time takes place immediately according to a completely different dimension, which is not that of simple succession.... It is a present in waves on a swell, not in a point on a line; it is a time that opens up, that is hollowed out, that is enlarged or ramified, that envelops or separates, that becomes or is turned into a loop, that stretches out or contracts, and so on."—Jean-Luc Nancy

Percussion/Fan/Sheets/Clothing to tear.

Extension cords/Sharpies/Paper/

Aluminum foil/ribbons for your hair

“Only the good die young.” They drank wine spritzers.

That's -
this Saturday, September 26 at 8 PM
at 13 East Tulane Road in Clintonville next to Cup O Joe.

Hope to see/hear you there!


Laura Bradigan & Jase Flannery
Reception: 7-10 p.m. Thursday September 17 2009
Additional hours: 5-8 p.m. Friday Sept 18 and Saturday Sept 19

Jase Flannery and Laura Bradigan, Summer 2009 BFA graduates from Ohio State University, are confronting problems and finding beauty in the intermediate. Bradigan acts on chance stains and leftover traces with a sensitive presence of progressive gradation and tone. Flannery articulates his work with calculated process and repetition defined by motions to and away from equilibrium. Both artists present distinct ways to integrate traditional and non-traditional materials at hand into acts of drawing that document subject and background immediacy. Works on display will include prints, drawings, books, photos, sculpture, material transfers, sound and video.


Jase Flannery, 13 Prayers for I.C. (detail of 1 of 13 prayers), serigraph and wax on paper

Laura Bradigan, Untitled, polaroid with plastic based screen printing ink