MAY 2015

Studiomate News:

Ryan Agnew has 45 old paintings for sale at Urban Acupuncture Center, 3389 N High St, 43202--go check it out and consider trying acupuncture!

Remnants (Tuesday, May 26, 2015 to Saturday, July 11, 2015) is the joint creative force of the Creative Arts of Women (CAW) collective, an open-membership association of women artists, writers, art supporters, art appreciators, and more. The artists of Creative Arts of Women (CAW) find inspiration in what society and nature cast off. -- Alice Carpenter, Allison Buenger, Amandda Tirey, Amy Leibrand, April Sunami, Barbara Vogel, Betsy DeFusco, Caroline Kraus, Cat Lynch, Cat Sheridan, Catherine Bell Smith, Christine Guillot Ryan, Claire Smith, Donna McCarty-Estep, Gaye Reissland, Gigi Gallaway, Gretchen Cochran, Heidi Madsen, J Clark, Janet George, Joan Tallan, Joyce Kwasnik, Judith Zaepfel, Juna Amano, Kristin Morris, Linda Leviton, Lisa Horkin, Lisa McLymont, Lisette Lichtenstein, Mabi Ponce de Leon, Mary Ann Crago, Megan Evans, Melinda Rosenberg, Melinda Sabo, Mollie Hannon, Paula Nees, Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch, Roxanne L. Smith-Mansell, Sandra Aska, Stephanie Rond, Terri Maloney-Houston, and Vicki Oster. RECEPTION: Saturday, May 30, 6-8PM -- Urban Arts Space, 50 W. Town Street, Suite 130, Columbus, OH 43215

Rentals: If you're looking to rent space for work or events contact Pilgram at 614-707-2349, or Seth at, or contact any studio-mate you know. On the ILLIO side, we ask for $15(weekdays) or $20 (weekends) per hour. We also negotiate trades in services. 


Weekly at ILLIO:

Sundays, 11am-12:15pm
Good Morning Hatha Yoga with Jason Farrington

Jason Farrington is currently wrapping up his 200 hour yoga teacher training program from Balanced Yoga University, and has been practicing yoga for about 4-5 years now. This class is targeted to beginners, but it has benefit for all. All classes are free or by donation. 

Most Sundays, 6-7:00pm
Sacred Shimmy - Advanced Tribal Belly Dance

This class is designed for the dancer with some mastery of Levels One & Two who feels ready to develop her dance into something greater. Teacher permission is required to attend.  Please contact with any inquiries.

Ongoing, most Sundays from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. $15 drop in, $60 three class pass. Sacred Shimmy updates here.

Weekdays, 6:15am - 7:30am
Living Well - MOVE

Small group training is ongoing, in a convenient drop-in setting.  Each day has a varied focus and approach to fitness.  You choose your own adventure and decide how many and which days you join the group! Group size could vary from 2-8 participants, giving you a semi-private training experience with greater attention to your technique and abilities, and an individualized and goal-centered training program.

Mondays – Strength & Power – Functional, dynamic, big muscle exercises using kettlebells, bodyweight, TRX, plyos, and bands.
Tuesdays – Cardio Intervals & Agility Drills – Energy system development through cardiovascular and agility drills using small hurdles, cone drills, interval training, and sprints.
Wednesdays – Core & Control – Unique combination and isometric movements to enhance core strength, range of motion and flexibility, and balance.
Thursdays – Strength & Power – Functional, dynamic, big muscle exercises using kettlebells, bodyweight, TRX, plyos, and bands.
Fridays – Wild Card/Trainer’s Choice!

Try your first session for free! Session Passes are available. Passes are valid for two months from the date of purchase, and are for individual use only.
                                       1-Hour    45-Minute
8 Sessions (~1x/week)    $80          $60
16 Sessions (~2x/week)  $128        $96
24 Sessions (~3x/week)  $168        $126
Drop-In                            $12          $9

Questions? Email or call/text 614.306.9634

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 8-8:45am
Wake Up - Morning Meditation 

Friends bringing in the day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays through the year with a 20/25-minute seated meditation, and a short “Dharma sharing” style check in. An occasional zen poem is read. Be ready for sitting on the floor (chairs also available). Those new to the practice are welcome. For more information contact, or visit or

Tuesdays, 7:30pm
Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana

Queer Yoga is Columbus's first queer-focused yoga class that offers professional yoga instruction in a designated Safe(r) Space. We endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and community in all we do, from sun salutations to post-yoga snack time. Whether you are new to yoga, or you can complete a headstand without assistance, you will find something to challenge and deepen your practice.

Class fees are $6 for ALL participants. Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat.

Wednesdays, 7-8:pm
BREATHE into life

Greetings all! My name is Simone and I am currently enrolled in the Yoga On High 9-month Pranayama certification course. Pranayama has been source of both physical and psychological healing in my life. Prana refers to a basic, universal, all-pervading life force energy long recognized by eastern thought, which is now being more fully appreciated and studied by western science. Yoga practitioners all over the centuries have found that practicing pranayama or Yogic breath we can access this energy, harness and utilize its power. Yoga Breath is thus a wonderful key to good health, longevity and it is also a superb lead-in to meditation.

Please join me Wednesdays at 7PM (free/by donation) for a practical, step-by-step explanations about the practice of basic yoga breathing techniques.  No class, Wednesday 5/20.


ILLIO special events for May:

Friday, May 1st, 8pm
Elisa Faires (NC) + Eddie Breitweiser/Michael Junokas (CHI) + Doctah X (CMH)

Fuse Factory May Frequency Fridays: show features experimental composer/musician Elisa Faires (NC), experimental electronic improv duo Eddie Breitweiser/Michael Junokas (CHI) and experimental electronic musician Doctah X (CMH). Date: Friday, May 1 2015. Location: It Looks Like It's Open (13 E. Tulane Av., 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. Our Frequency Fridays 2014-2015 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

More information here:

Saturday, May 9th, 12pm-3pm
Kids' Art Show for the CRC

Fundraiser for the CRC - The Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center Food Pantry.

Young artists and their friends will be selling their creations to raise money for the food pantry. This project was inspired by 8 year old, Ellie Brownell. The CRC provides 24,000 pounds of food to nearly 1,500 families a year.

On May 9th, come buy some art and paint a mural with us!

Snacks provided :)

Young artists Ellie Brownell, Ayla Bella, Wilson Roberts and more.

Sunday, May 17th, 1-3pm
Wake Up Sangha - Meditation and Dharma Sharing

Our monthly Sangha meetings consist of sitting meditation, walking meditation, a reading, and sharing from the heart.

Wake Up is an active global community of led by young mindfulness practitioners, aged 18-35, and inspired by the teachings of Zen teacher and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. We come together to practice awareness in order to take care of ourselves, nourish happiness, and contribute to building a healthier and a more compassionate society. All ages are welcome at our gatherings. 

"To love, in the context of Buddhism, is above all to be there. But being there is not an easy thing. Some training is necessary, some practice. If you are not there, how can you love? Being there is very much an art, the art of meditation, because meditating is bringing your true presence to the here and now. The question that arises is: Do you have time to love?" -Thich Naht Hanh (1997)

For more information contact

Sunday, May 17th, 7:30-9:30pm
Oma Trance: Goddess Tara

This is an invitation to a shamanistic trance session at It Looks like Its Open (ILLIO) on May 17th. We will do the Singing Shaman to open the door and then a Goddess Tara trance in which we will invoke the Goddess Tara (green Tara) who is a female Buddha of compassion. She is a fierce goddess who overcomes obstacles and saves us from physical and spiritual danger. She gives boons, protection, and helps clear up illusion. Come with an issue or question for the Goddess.

These trances are in the tradition of Felicitas D. Goodman . Here is a YouTube video about Dr. Goodman’s work. The trances will be facilitated by Susan Josephson, Felicitas Goodman’s daughter, who has lead people in these trances for more than 30 years.

Guided by postures adapted from a variety of sources and driven by a rattle sounded at a particular tempo and rhythm, participants often have visions with personal significance. The trances wake people up. They release deeper levels of consciousness and open people to deeper understandings. Doing the trance is also good for your nervous system.

*Instructions for participation: Please arrive on time, the door will be closed at 7:45 so that the session can begin without interruption. Fasting will enhance the experience, but is not required. For best results, do not eat at least 30 minutes prior to the session. Avoid alcohol throughout the day. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing metal.

*Young adults / teens welcome.

*Susan does not accept payment for this work, but if you'd like you may support the use and maintenance of the studio space with a small contribution.

Wednesday, May 20th, 8pm
Jason Zeh & Mike Shiftlet & friends

Larry Marotta & David Reed (Cols.)
Scenic Railroads (Cols.)
Developer (Dayton)
Jason Zeh (Kansas City)