Mike Shiflet is curating two weekly series at 13 East Tulane here in Columbus: It Sounds Like It's Open, an open-to-all improvisation session, and the Monumental Documents Listening Sessions, in which classic experimental recordings are played through our PA at concert-level volume. The events will alternate in an 8:00 to 10:00 time slot on Tuesday nights, beginning October 12th. More info below.

It Sounds Like It's Open
This bi-weekly mass improvisation session is free and open to all,
acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments and non-instruments are
all welcome. If you plan on playing something electric, please bring
your own amplification suitable for playing alongside unamplified
acoustic instruments. The format for this is still being worked out,
and we will try a few different approaches the first few weeks before
democratically deciding on one (or not).

Monumental Documents Listening Sessions
This series will kick off Tuesday, the 19th, with two Pauline Oliveros
recordings, Primordial Lift and Alien Bog. As the concepts behind the
Listening Sessions take inspiration from Pauline’s philosophy of Deep
Listening, it only seemed right to initiate the series with selections
from her vast discography. Feel free to bring a computer, book,
homework, what have you to these sessions. Though inspired by deep
listening, 100% devotion to the recordings is not required at these
events. As long as it is not disruptive to others, you can do as you
please while listening.

The schedule of events for the next few weeks is as follows:
10.12: It Sounds Like It's Open
10.19: Listening Session: Pauline Oliveros
10.26: It Sounds Like It's Open
11.2: Listening Session: John Tilbury and David Tudor
11.9: It Sounds Like It's Open
11.16: Listening Session: Revue OU: Sound Poetry Anthology
11.23: It Sounds Like It's Open
11.30: Listening Session: Orchestral Space 1966

For more info, feel free to email Mike at monumental.documents@gmail.com
or look up Monumental Documents on Facebook.


now blooming in front of the studio


Stefan Lenke (Dresden, Germany)
miles away from home
Viewing/Reception October 9th 6-9pm

Stefan weighing the paintings he made in USA.