It Looks Like It's Open - 13 E Tulane Rd, Columbus, Ohio

More big changes at ILLIO! Now that Jesse Hemminger has purchased the ILLIO building, the other side has opened up. Ecoflora, the awesome organic flower shop, has moved in <> and Heidi and Heidi have their own space for their awesome costumes and puppets. Beaker Prince has gone back to her fall schedule and won't be offering Alexander Practice at ILLIO anymore. Check out her classes elsewhere: <>. But we've been joined by Alison Coleman, the Director of the Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, and Teresa Devitt, who will be teaching "Meditate Activate Integrate" classes every Monday and Wednesday. See more about their work at <> and <


Studio-mate shows not at the studio:

Jesse Hemminger is taking Glowie Monsters to the Ingenuity Fest, September 20-22 in Cleveland OH. Ingenuity’s mission is to ignite the creative spark where the arts, science, and technology intersect. By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology. More info at:

Heidi and Heidi of Openheartcreatures are talking "Bully Eraser ~ Love Replacer" performance to Mifflin Middle school 
Friday, September 27th. 


13 E. Tulane events:


Saturday, Sept 7th, 6-8:pm

Intuitive Breath Work

Treat yourself to an evening of relaxation, release and renewal. Certified breathwork leaders Christopher and Paula Easton will be in Columbus and on Saturday 9/7 from 6-8pm at the It Looks Like It's Open Studio in Clintonville, they will be offering a group intuitive breathwork session. The cost is $40 and you can email Amy at to preregister.

For more about Paula and Christopher, visit:

fb event at:


Sunday, Sept 8th, 2-4:pm

Open Meditation: The Garden of Sangha

For me, the last few months would have been impossible without the real sangha-jewel that surrounds me. A sangha is a community of kindness and friendship. It is hardly possible to make it through hardship and find our own deepest selves without this. According to the Sambodhi Sutta (AN 9.1), the Buddha advised his students, "admirable people as friends, companions, and colleagues the first prerequisite for the development of the wings to self-awakening."

Even if we find great realization on our own, the effect on the world is minimal if we do not express our realization among others. Truly, cultivating our own awakening is not separate from cultivating the awakening of those around us.

One of the central tasks of a supportive community is to looking and seeing who we each truly are. A supportive community keeps us from being lost in our deluded perceptions of ourself. At the same time, we must practice giving our selves over to our community, taking our guard down, and - as much as possible - being authentic even though we may be afraid of their judgment.

While there are many places where we can improve, a true friend knows these flaws are not the whole of our being. She can remind us of our own best qualities and our own deepest aspirations, and we do our best to do the same for her.

Those who are free and feel they would benefit, let's sit in silence together allowing our thoughts to rest so we can cultivate deep listening and non-judement, in order to melt into something greater than ourselves.

*As we have in the past, we will sit for two 20/25 minute silent sessions with quiet walking in between. We will have time for every participant to talk before and after. Those new to meditation are welcome to join and participate as much as they feel comfortable. If you've never sat in silence in community before, come on time and ask questions.


Tuesday, Sept 10th 7:30pm - and every Tuesday -

Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana

Queer Yoga is Columbus's first queer-focused yoga class that offers professional yoga instruction in a designated Safe(r) Space. We endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and community in all we do, from sun salutations to post-yoga snack time. Whether you are new to yoga, or you can complete a headstand without assistance, you will find something to challenge and deepen your practice.

Class fees are $6 for ALL participants. Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat.


Thursday, Sept 19th, all night
Full Moon


Friday, Sept 20th, 6-10:pm
Prisoner Art Show

This September RedBird is showcasing art done by prisoners from across Ohio. We have all new pieces and artists who are excited to share their work!

The evening will include a silent auction, poetry written by prisoners, group art projects, prisoner call-ins, music, food and drinks, and a few other surprises.

Come out to support prisoners and RedBird's ongoing efforts to end the silence of incarceration.

$5 sliding scale donation gets you food, booze, entertainment, and a chance to gaze at beautiful art!


Friday, Sept 27th, 7-10:pm
Wrest and unnamed happening

This trio plays acoustic, fully-improvised music on sax, upright bass, and percussion.  The mood can range from a brash, barely-controlled chaos to very delicate.  I'd say we try to avoid musical conventions, including the things we've done before as a group. Trying to become aware of our unconscious notions about what's good or bad in music, and allowing those notions to be upset.  Creating an intensely vulnerable moment that makes possible a strong connection to each other and the audience, and also makes possible a total failure to achieve whatever it was we wanted. This show in Columbus will be towards the end of our third tour as a trio.

Jack Wright (saxes, from Easton, PA)

Evan Lipson (upright bass, from Chattanooga, TN)
Ben Bennett (percussion, from Columbus, OH)

For more info:


An unnamed group of women leading an interactive performance / happening.