Rental Agreement

RENTAL AGREEMENT  \\  IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S OPEN – 13 E TULANE RD - posted 2013 - fees updated 2021

Project/Event Schedule
Event date/time:
Tear down:

Space Information
Name:  It Looks Like It’s Open 
Address:  13 E Tulane Rd, Columbus, OH 43201
Host’s name:  
Host’s phone: 

Project/Event Contact Information
Contact name:
Contact phone:
Contact email:

The terms described in this agreement seek to protect It Looks Like It's Open ("the Space") from damages, and to prevent prohibited activities from occurring in the Space during the rental period described above. By signing this document, the Event Contact agrees to uphold these terms during the rental period.

rental fee
Unless otherwise negotiated, Event Contact agrees to pay $18 per hour (Monday–Friday 5:00pm) to $24 per hour (Friday 5:00pm–Sunday), for usage of the Space, including set-up time, time for participants and guests to arrive and depart, cleanup time and breakdown of event. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or Zelle or Venmo or check written to the Hemminger Studios LLC. In lieu of cash payment, Host may accept objects or services in trade.

The Space provides a bathroom, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and water filter for use during event.

The Space will be cleaned and cleared of unnecessary furniture by Host prior to the rental period. Event Contact will be responsible for cleaning the Space after the event, and returning it to the condition left by the Host prior to the event. Cleaning responsibilities of the Event Contact may include sweeping/mopping the floor; wiping bathroom surfaces; removing cigarette butts/litter from sidewalk/patio; trash and recycling disposal; and patching holes in the wall if artwork has been displayed (Space to provide joint compound and materials).

Due to the residential nature of our location, no loud noises are permitted during events after 10:00pm. This pertains especially to live drums, extreme noise or amplified music. Event Contact should notify Host of any potential activities that apply.

trash & recycling disposal
The Space does not have a dedicated dumpster, therefore Event Contact is responsible for proper disposal of trash/recycling generated during the event. Do not dispose of trash in neighboring dumpsters without permission.

The Space does not have the proper license to sell alcohol; therefore no alcohol may be sold on the premises. Only visitors 21 years of age and older may consume alcohol, as per state law.

event promotion
The Space is not responsible for promotional efforts relating to the event. Event Contact is encouraged to share print and online promotional materials with Space Host for review.

By signing this agreement, Event Contact and any associates agree that the Space is not responsible for personal injury or loss of property during the rental period. 

The undersigned hereby accept the agreement described herein.

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