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ILLIO Artists to be found this Thursday at the opening reception for Landmark, a Creative Arts of Women (CAW) show. ---> The artists of CAW tackle the theme of place and history in a new exhibit titled “Landmark.” The exhibit was conceived as a way to commemorate Fort Hayes’ 33-year history of supporting national and local artists and arts organizations. The exhibit will feature work from over 50 CAW member artists that will represent a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, ceramics, and performance. The opening reception will be on March 3 beginning at 6 PM.  The show will run February 29-April 15, 2016. Gallery Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. The Shot Tower Gallery, 546 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Artists featured are: Alicia Jean Vanderelli, Allison Sponhaltz, Allison Buenger, Amber Mcintosh, Amy Leibrand, Andrea Hanson, April Sunami, Betsy DeFusco, Caroline Kraus, Catherine Bell Smith, Christine Guillot Ryan, Claire Smith, Danielle Forbes, Debbie Loffing, Donna Estep, Elizabeth Haworth-Wagner, Evelyn Rivera, Gaynelle Sloman, Gretchen Cochran, Guinivere Gallaway, Heidi Madsen, J Clark, Janet George, Janette Jones, Jenn Brewster, Joan Tallan, Joyce Kwasnik, Judy Beckman, Kate Menke, Kate Morgan, Katerina Harris, Kim Rohrs, Kristin Morris, Linda Leviton, Lisa Horkin, Lisa McLymont, Mabi Ponce de Leon, Megan Ferry, Megan Evans, Meghan Ralston, Melinda Staley, Melinda Eliza Sabo, Mollie Hannon, Molly Uline-Olmstead, Natalia Arbelaez, Paula Nees, Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch, Rachel November, Roxanne Smith-Mansell, Stephanie Rond, Terri Maloney-Houston, Valerie Lamb-Steece, Vicki Oster

Queer Behavior's successful Queer Storytelling Tea Time was so well attended when it was at ILLIO that it's moved to a bigger space on CCAD's campus. --->
Friday, March 25th, 8-10:pm, Tea Time: A Queer Storytelling Event. Canzani Center, 60 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Time to spill the tea. Let's get together and share our truth! Bring your 3-10 minute story and a willingness to be front and center. We'll provide an audience, a theme, and some snacks! Make them funny, sad, frightening, charming, or a mix...just enjoy yourself and we'll enjoy your story. The theme this time will be "LEGACIES: AGELESS STORIES OF OUR QUEER ELDERS". We are seeking stories about and from our elders! Special emcees Erin Upchurch and Zack Baird will lead a combination of featured speakers and same-day submissions to create two hours of realness. Listeners and tellers are equally welcome. Sharing stories is a powerful way to deconstruct and reclaim narratives while making meaning that is one’s own. Too often we take details that are thrust upon us by the social hegemony or even by each other. Ask yourself: is this my story or someone else’s? Telling your story, in your way, acts to shuck that which is obstructive. Doing this together in a safer space creates an environment primed to actually being heard. We also will have an opportunity to consider our collective narrative as a queer community. Donations are welcome!

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