Welcoming the Equinox

itlookslikeitsopen provides a clear space full of possibilities. This saturday some local Neo-Pagans will make it the center of Earth connection. Their notice below:

Spring Equinox Ritual, Saturday, March 24.
This will be a basic Ostara ritual, held at a private studio space in Clintonville. The focus of the ritual will be on celebrating the greening of Nature and welcoming abundance into our lives. If you have seeds or seedlings to plant, bring them for blessing. Please also bring additional seeds, or a special rock, to charge for prosperity. Space is limited so participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. (See below.) There is a $5 suggested donation for this ritual; donations will also be accepted for the use of the studio space. Facilitated by Psyche North Torok. Saturday, March 24, 7:45 p.m.

Pre-registration required, ages 16 and over, please. To register please reply to this email [

About the Spring Equinox

The word equinox is derived from the Latin "aequus," (equal) and "nox,"
(night). Although we think of the equinoxes as being the time when day and
night are exactly equal, technically the day is just slightly longer. The
Spring Equinox occurs some time between March 20-22 each year. [This year
it is on March 20.]

To many Neo-Pagans, this holiday is known as Eostar or Ostara. Ostara is
often seen as the time when the young god, growing and maturing after his
birth at the winter solstice, dances with the Goddess in her maiden
aspect. Courtship rites and dances are in order. So too is it a good time
to bless seeds that you will be planting shortly.

The well-known Easter egg and Easter bunny are, of course, ancient symbols
of fertility and magic. Eggs were used in Equinox celebrations by a number
of peoples, including the Hebrews and Persians. The rabbit or hare was
probably derived from the tribes of Western and Central Europe, for whom
the animal bore tribal and totemic significance.
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