Technologies of the Self : Krishna Kirtan

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 - 1:00 until 3:00

Our last session in the series!

“Unwind, unpeel, unmask yourself for a bit. Enjoy some time with your self. Immerse deep within your heart and sing and dance from there. Meet loving souls and inquire about the essence.

Kirtan is an age old tradition of joyfully connecting with the spirit by diving in the sweet sound of a mantra. Within minutes, it detangles you out of external identities and allows you to just be. The joy experienced is immense and very unworldly. It does not need any faith or knowledge, just presence. It does not impart any faith or any knowledge, just presence.” -Satish More

Kirtan is music but is not entertainment. Rather, it is a form of participatory meditation. The Krishna Mahamantra (hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare; hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare) is considered a sacred and primordial sound and its recitation the most effective practice in this Kali Yuga, the final age of this world cycle. It was popularized by Bengali saint, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in the 15th century, and is an example of the Bhakti (devotional) Yoga tradition of India. This session will emphasize the joy and ecstasy of singing and cultivating love for the divine.

Satish More will be leading the Kirtan on the harmonium and will be accompanied on the mrdanga (South Indian drum). Participants are welcome to bring their own kartals (small cymbals) if they have them. Be prepared to sing, clap, dance, cry, hug, or simply observe. All ages welcome!

Satish More is a filmmaker and photographer based in Athens, Ohio: <>. Event photo by Satish.

***Facilitators are not expecting payment and all sessions are by donation. Please contribute to the cost of their visit, and the rent and maintenance of the studio space, with a small contribution.

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