KEROAÄN . Envenomist/Shiflet . Joe Panzner

Sunday 1/15 8:00pm until 10:00pm

KEROAÄN is a musical artificial intelligence developed by Ian Fraser and Reed Even Rosenberg that performs by implementing XENAKIS'S Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis. This non-standard synthesis is played in real time by the KEROAÄN program. Pushing and pulling between sections of hard noise, singing glissandos, jagged melodic scribble and other sonic curiosities, the program liberates the computer from its position as a mere tool of hyper-productivity and transports the machine into a state of creative and performative being. Operatic in scope, a live diffusion of KEROAÄN features lasers, strobe lighting, and fog synched to both audible and structural qualities of the music as an infinitely morphing chorus of digital voices croon, cry, scream and everything in between.

Envenomist & Mike Shiflet
Local drone champions will bring the darkness to extinguish your light. There will be bass.

Joe Panzner
Critically-acclaimed critic-musician will provide blistering synthesis over
pretty much everyone's head but his own.

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