"Sustainable Worldviews: Re-Indigenizing Non-Violent Activism"

Michael Tawd Bell, anarchist activist and founder of the Rad Dog vegan hotdog cart, will lead a discussion on the theory and practice of non-violent action in zones of conflict. He will share his philosophy, outline his on-going work, and invite feedback and community engagement.

Tawd will be leaving in January to train with Christian Peacemaker Teams and continue his work with the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) people of northwestern Ontario. Corporate clear cut logging of traditional territory has destroyed hunting, trapping, food and medicine gathering activities. Indian Residential Schools have deeply impacted families and communities. Mercury contamination discovered over 40 years ago continues to poison residents.The Anishinaabe, are engaged in healing, resisting colonialism and struggling for sovereignty, and invited the CPT to enter as an ally in their cause.

Please join the struggle!

"The human-centric wold view of the civilized west has thoroughly disconnected us from nature. The combative stance of modern man in relation to "the other" especially the natural world has been from the beginning, and continues to be, unsustainable. The water is dying, the forests and jungles are dying, the animals are dying. The human race is poisoning all that sustains it. Man's posture and wold view of exploitation propels us forward towards an ecological apocalypse.
Time is short. Turtle Island (earth) has precious little time before absolutely nothing can be done. If that time isn't already upon us. Nothing short of a complete perceptive shift must occur. This shift must be broad based and wide spread. It's the shift from a world view that places man clearly at the center of history to one that sees the connectedness and interdependent of all life on Turtle Island. Human kind is neither the center nor the apex, but one piece of a beautiful whole. Said differently, this is a shift from a 'civilized' world view to a 'primitive' one. Going back is the only way forward. Re-indigenizing is the crucial first step toward a healed and healthy world." -Tawd Bell http://experimentsindecolonization.blogspot.com/

Michael Tawd Bell (38) from Columbus, Ohio: Carpenter by day, volunteer activist by night; Has worked with Mercy For Animals, Cop Watch, Anti Racist Action, Food Not Bombs; Is a member of Jesus Radicals and has helped coordinate several of their conferences; Has lead talks on topics such as Anarchism and Christianity, Decolonization and White Privilege; Experimenting with Quakerism; Participated in the 2011 spring delegation to Grassy Narrows with The Aboriginal Justice Team.