Special Events February '17

Friday, Feb 3, 8-11pm
Fuse Factory Frequency Friday:
Ivy Meadows, Fluxmonkey, Field Sleeper, HolyKindOf

Our February 2017 Frequency Fridays show features Ivy Meadows, the solo project of experimental musician/video artist Camilla Padgitt-Coles (NYC), Fluxmonkey, the solo project of experimental electronic musician Bbob Drake (CLE), Alexander Paquet's experimental/electronic music solo project Field Sleeper (CMH), and multi-instrumentalist J Bryan Parks' solo project HolyKindOf (OH). Date: Friday, February 3 2017. Location: It Looks Like It’s Open (13 E. Tulane Rd., 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. BYOB, all ages. Our Frequency Fridays 2016-2017 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. 
About the performers: 
Image may contain: plant and outdoorCamilla Padgitt-Coles (b. 1985, New York City) is a multimedia artist working in light, sound, video and audio-visual environments. In 2007 she received a B.A. in Studio Art from Oberlin College for drawing, painting and printmaking. Since 2009 she has performed live music and projections. She plays and records solo as Ivy Meadows and in ambient projects Future Shuttle, Energy Star, Tropical Rock and Non Human Persons (Past: Deep Space/KA, Guardian Alien.) In 2011 she founded Perfect Wave, a collectively curated online & print publishing platform and record label which "maintains a committed vision to experimental performance, sound and art with a special interest in creating intergenerational dialogue." Perfect Wave produces a magazine, releases music and organizes events in NYC. 
bbob drake has been creating experimental music and audio in Cleveland for the last 45 years. From a start as a guitarist, his current focus is on electro-acoustic improvisation in both solo and group settings. His solo work spans a range from "lowercase" or "onkyokei" aesthetics (quiet, minimalist, abstract), to free jazz and more aggressive noise genres. He designs and builds the majority of his own instruments, both electronic synthesizers and original electo-acoustic designs. bbob has lead workshops in experimental electronics for music at Spaces and other venues, and he designs and sells printed circuit boards for DIY synthesizer enthusiasts. bbob's most recent recorded releases are "Failure Cake" (solo CD) and "Curiouser" (with Cleveland drummer J. Guy Laughlin) 
HolyKindOf is multi instrumentalist J. Bryan Parks from Akron, Ohio, who began this solo venture in the late spring of 2012 as a cathartic response to personal tragedy. He uses dense layers of manipulated loops from sounds sourced primarily from cello, field recordings, tape, and voice. He sculpts his music viscerally; it can be described as a requiem of repetitive phrases, culminating in a swirl of heady delicacies, evolving melodies and crescendos. Each live performance is unique and composed specifically for each space. The composition of his live performances are open ended, improvised constructions; they can be likened to a quilt of sound pieces stitched together.

Field Slee is the moniker of songwriter Alex Paquet, the name which he has performed under since 2012. Drawing influences from The National, Mount Eerie, and Grouper, Paquet’s tracks are an amalgam of fluttery guitars and crackling sound collages. He performs using guitar, voice, and variety of synthesizer-based drones and loops. Performances occasionally include accompaniment from Kyle Kerley (keys, flugelhorn) and Seth Daily (percussion). He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio
Check out this interview by Alision Colemen (Executive Director of Fuse Factory) with Alexander Paquet of Field Sleeper: Columbus Makes Art: Alexander Paquet on Diving into Experimental Music
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Saturday, Feb 4, 6-9pm
Tribal Flea Market, w/ Sacred Shimmy

Come shop for gently used Tribal goodies, or unload some of your own! This is a flea market environment where you can sell Tribal costuming you're no longer using or buy pretty new things to build your costuming closet. 
There is no admission fee to attend, and no table fee to sell. We will be providing a limited amount of informal table space - please bring your own set-up if you have a specific way you'd like to display your wares.
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Friday, Feb 10, 5-8pm
An Evening of Energy, w/ Angela W.

Join facilitators Angela and Cat for an evening of connection, comfort and synergy. We will explore techniques of:
-Tai Chi
-Qui Gong
-Tai hand massage
-Reiki-Subtle Energies and Therapeutic Touch
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Saturday, Feb 11, 11am-4pm
Partner and Acro Yoga, w/ Angela W.

Join us for partner yoga. All are welcome, couples, best friends, neighbors, singles, puppies! If you don't have a buddy one will be provided for you! 
11am-1pm Introduction to Partner Yoga 
2pm-4pm Introduction to Acro Yoga
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Saturday, Feb 11, 4:15-5:45pm
Queer Partner Yoga, w/Beaker Prince
Have fun while discovering how to support and be supported in moving more deeply into poses. You and your partner will gently assist each other into poses that open and unwind tight muscle groups, relieving tension in the back, legs and shoulders.

Then learn how to connect through breath, movement, intention and balance as you challenge yourself with poses built for two, bringing your unique collaborative flair to the process. The mindful movement and playful poses of partner yoga are known to foster cooperation, build courage, and induce laughter. 
Limit 8 couples. Suggested donation: $20-$30 per couple, sliding scale. All proceeds will be donated to All Out, a non-profit fighting for GLBTQ+ human rights in the U.S and worldwide. 
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for setting up. 
*Pre-registration strongly recommended at:
Queer Behavior is a network dedicated to uniting Columbus’ queer community through interacting with and organizing within the queer community; promoting queer community events, issues, and news; and organizing events, education and outreach for the community and Central Ohio. While all inclusive, Queer Behavior is, at its core, a network for self-identified queer peoples. All events created or sponsored by Queer Behavior are dedicated Safe(r) Spaces.

Sunday, Feb 12, 10am-12pm
Mud Lotus Meditation: Being and Vision as the Ground of Right Action
This Sunday, Sara will begin a conversation on "being and vision as the ground of right action." We will sit for two 20-minute periods divided by walking meditation. Time will be made for everyone to discuss--sharing our strategies for creating safe places for ourselves and others or sharing whatever comes up for us as we struggle to do so. 
Mud Lotus is anchored by Seth and Sara who believe sitting practice should be accessible to everyone, all bodies, body types, and abilities. Folks can stay 5 min. or the whole time and move in whatever way best supports their practice. We welcome folks of all religions, races, sexualities and gender identities. 

Friday, Feb 24, 7pm
Biomimicry: an installation by Galen Tipton
BIOMIMICRY is nature mimicking technology mimicking nature through bubbly and overwhelming textures, sounds, and images. It is an an immersive audiovisual experience, an oasis of greenery and sunlight for the time of year when these things are lacking, It functions both as a healing experience for those with seasonal affective disorder and as a representation of the anxiety and depression amplified during this time.

Galen Tipton is a queer nonbinary artist currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. Their work explores relationships between the assumed-to-be “natural” and the “unnatural,” queerness and identity, ethical utopias and eco futurism, the repurposing of waste and excess, as well as the nuances of intimacy between things living and not living. Their work is often childish and triumphant, embracing minimalism and maximalism simultaneously— always with a strong sense of play.

check out more of their work at :
flyer designed by Styles Munson 
Facebook event page here.

Sunday, Feb 26, 10am-12pm
Mud Lotus: Our Body as Home
Before we can make a place in the world we must make a home in ourselves. In the most basic sense, this means learning to become comfortable in our own bodies--or we might say, becoming comfortable with our self as a living body. Accepting our body as our constant companion and the gate through which we encounter the splendor of the universe means getting to know ourselves with an intimate and non-judgmental awareness. 

As vipassana teacher, Tara Brach, writes, "Bringing Radical Acceptance into our life starts at this most basic level--becoming aware of the sensations that are continually taking place in our physical being. ...By opening mindfully to the play of sensations...[w]e free ourselves at the ground level from the reactivity that perpetuates our suffering."

In this session, participants will be invited to attend to their own somatic experience through techniques such as the "body scan" or by learning to decern between flavor, intensity, and geometry of physical sensation.

We'll sit quietly for two 20-minute periods divided by walking meditation.

Mud Lotus is anchored by Seth and Sara who believe meditation practice should be accessible to everyone, all bodies, body types, and abilities. Folks can stay 5 min. or the whole time and move in whatever way best supports their practice. We welcome folks of all religions, races, sexualities and gender identities. Please let us know if there is something we can do to support your practice.

Mud Lotus meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:00 AM; Thursdays at 6:15 AM; and the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:00. We charge no money for our sessions (donations warmly accepted).

Sunday, Feb 26, 2-4pm
Trance Studies: Grandmother Bear
This trance session will focus the energy of healing with the help of Grandmother Bear, a figure inspired by the Ojibwa traditions. Come with whatever ailments you suffer and your intentions to make yourself well. The bear is strong, brave, and wise figure which resides both within and without us. This trance seeks to awaken the bear energy in lives of participants.
Come vision together and experiment. May we experience ourselves emerging from the experience fresh and whole.

For more than twenty years, Susan G. Josephson has lead workshops which take participants through ecstatic trance. Based on the work of her mother, the anthropologist and spiritual teacher, Felicitas D. Goodman, Susan has developed a syncretic technique for visionary experience. (Learn more about Felicitas’s legacy in the US and Germany atcuyamungueinstitute.com and cuyamungue-institut.de )

*Instructions for participation: Please arrive on time, the door will be closed at 2:15 so that the session can begin without interruption. Fasting will enhance the experience but is not required. For best results, do not eat at least 30 minutes prior to the session. Avoid alcohol throughout the day. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing metal that touches the body. 
*Young adults and teens welcome. 
*Susan does not collect payment; donations are accepted and will be put towards the maintenance of the studio space.

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