Special Events, November

Friday, Nov. 4th, 8-11pm
Frequency Fridays: Sarah Louise / Forest Management / Dominic Coppola / Autophonia

The Fuse Factory's November 2016 Frequency Fridays show features experimental 12-string guitarist Sarah Louise (NC), experimental electroacoustic trio Autophonia (Jen Powers (hammered dulcimer/electronics) + Stephanie Dean (accordion/electronics) + Jen Slezak (mandolin/violin/electronics)) (CMH), John Daniel’s ambient/drone solo project Forest Management (CHI), and ambient/drone musician Dominic Coppola (MI). Date: Friday, November 4 2016. Location: It Looks Like It’s Open (13 E. Tulane Rd., 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. BYOB, all ages. Our Frequency Fridays 2016-2017 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. 
About the performers:
Sarah Louise is a 12-string guitarist based in the mountains of North Carolina. The impulse for new compositions comes frequently from observing the sounds and movements of the woods around her home. Lush and ethereal at times, yet embracing dissonance as well as tonal and time-signature shifts, her music encompasses a full spectrum of emotions. All-original tunings, picking patterns and bold transitions mark her as a unique player. Scissor Tail Editions released her first album, “Field Guide,” in early 2015, which quickly became an underground favorite. Her new album, VDSQ Volume 12, has garnered praise from media outlets such as NPR and Dusted Magazine and artists like as Ben Chasny, who calls Volume 12 an album “that makes me love the sound and possibilities of the acoustic guitar.”

Forest Management is John Daniel, an American musician currently living in Chicago, Illinois. The ambient/drone project began in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio. Daniel uses digitally-processed recordings of sound sources like the piano and synthesizer to sculpt entirely new sonic hues, for the purpose of composition. His warm, fluorescent-like brand of drone has often been said to contain a cinematic, dream-like presence.

Dominic Coppola is an electronic musician based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Pulling sounds from guitar signals, tape manipulations and other unique means, Coppola invents a new breed of ambient transmissions in a dark, yet alluring way.

Autophonia is three folk/drone enthusiasts toying with sounds both dreamy and ethereal via acoustic instruments and electronic pedals.

Saturday, Nov. 5th, 10am-12pm
Fuse Factory Workshop: Ableton Live for Absolute Beginners

About the workshop: While much has changed since the birth of electronic music, the spirit of the music that connects composers of today with those of the late 60s and early 70s remains. Tools such as Ableton Live allow contemporary electronic music composers to channel this spirit while exploring the possibilities new technologies have to offer. This workshop is being taught primarily from an artistic perspective, rather than that of a technician. In other words, the philosophy behind this workshop is about making the most of what you know as an artist and musician who uses technology, rather than acquiring technical knowledge for its own sake. 
Workshop topics include:
- basic MIDI functions- Ableton Intro’s library of sounds
- editing audio clips
- effects and equalization within Ableton
- exporting tips for master-ready mixes
- using Ableton in live performance

This workshop is supported by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

Required: No previous experience in Ableton Live is required. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with a trial or purchased copy of Ableton installed.

About the instructor: John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, CA) is an American musician currently living in Chicago, Illinois. His current project, Forest Management, began in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio. His newest release, ‘Shifting’, will be out on October 7th on White Reeves Productions.

Workshop fees: To reserve a seat in the workshop, please register the link below:


Saturday, Nov. 5th, 1-3pm
Fuse Factory Workshop: Build Your Own Electronic Piano
About the workshop: Have you ever wondered how electronic pianos and synthesizers work? In this beginner-friendly workshop, each participant will build a tiny, working five-note electronic piano from scratch. 
The workshop will include an introduction to the theory of sound and how electronics can be used to produce musical notes. Participants will learn the skills necessary to create and control basic electronic circuits to produce sound, as well as understand how to use an Arduino microcontroller with pushbuttons, potentiometers, resistors, and a speaker to design their electronic piano’s interface. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have built his or her own electronic piano. 
Required: No previous experience with electronic music or electronics is required. All needed parts and equipment are included in the price of the workshop and will be provided to participants. This workshop will move at a pace appropriate for adult learners, but children with a strong interest in electronic music or electronics may attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

About the instructor: Tom Wilcox is a Senior Instructional Technologist for Otterbein University, located in Westerville, OH. In his role at the University, he designs and supports digital media installations, especially for classrooms. He also produces digital and web-based media for the University and provides technical training to staff and faculty members.

Workshop fees: To reserve a seat in the workshop, please register using the link below – the workshop is being offered for $35 to members of the general public.


Sunday, Nov. 6th, 7:30-9:30pm
Trance Studies: Walking with Ancestors

On Sunday November 6th we will honor the ancestors with a ritual and trance for visiting the dead and exchanging messages. We all have ancestors of our flesh and of our spirit. We have beloved dead, relatives, friends, and pets. In this ritual we acknowledge them and share our bounty with them, sending them blessings and including them in our circle. Then we will do a trance based on the posture of ancient Egyptian figure Kouros to contact them and exchange messages.

Come and experiment with us in this trance. Let us vision together. May we experience ourselves resting in own power. 
For more than twenty years, Susan G. Josephson has lead workshops which take participants through an ecstatic trance experience. Based on the work of her mother, the anthropologist and spiritual teacher, Felicitas D. Goodman, Susan has developed a syncretic technique for visionary experience. 
(Learn more about Felicitas’s legacy in the US and Germany at cuyamungueinstitute.com and cuyamungue-institut.de)

*Instructions for participation: Please arrive on time, the door will be closed at 7:45 so that the session can begin without interruption. Fasting will enhance the experience, but is not required. For best results, do not eat at least 30 minutes prior to the session. Avoid alcohol throughout the day. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing metal that touches the body.
*Young adults / teens welcome. 
*Susan does not collect payment; donations are accepted and will be put towards maintenance of the studio space.

Sunday, Nov. 13th, 10am-12:00
Mud Lotus Meditation Community

We'll sit for two 20 min. sessions with walking meditation in-between. This will be followed by dharma sharing (everyone has a chance to speak). 
We believe sitting practice should be accessable to everyone, all bodies, body types, and abilities. Folks can stay 5 min. or the whole time and move in whatever way best supports their practice. We welcome folks of all religions, races, sexualities and gender identities. Please let us know if there is something we can do to support your practice.
No cost, donations accepted.  

Monday, Nov. 14th, 6-7pm
Calm as F*ck - Muided Meditation with Live Music
Join Carisa Holmes and Joel Whittaker of Sanjati for a (totally legit) guided meditation with live music. 
Relax on your favorite yoga mat, blanket or bed of nails as you soak in the vibes from singing bowls, didgeridoos, flute, voice and drums. The soothing sounds of synthesizers blend with the acoustic instruments to create a sonic bath that will leave you feeling, well, calm as f*ck.
This class meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 6 -7 PM at ILLIO. 
Class cost - $10

Friday, Nov 18th, 7-10pm.
Pin Drop: Artwork by Jesse Mervis & Forrest Roberts 

Pin Drop @ ILLIO is an exhibition featuring the artwork of Jesse Mervis & Forrest Roberts consisting of photography and sculpture involving such ideas as: awareness, contemplation, motion, memory & change. This show is a springboard for ideas and critique so please bring some. Donations are recommended (Help Keep the lights on @ ILLIO!) There will be Food & Music. B.Y.O.B

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