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It Looks Like It's Open (ILLIO) - 13 E Tulane Rd, Columbus, Ohio


Studio-mate activity not at the studio:

This year's B.R.E.A.D. NEHEMIAH ACTION on Monday, May 12th, will push for access to mental healthcare and a more welcoming community! Will you join 4,000 people at the Nehemiah Action to stand together for justice? Date/Time: Monday, May 12th, 6:45 p.m. (doors open: 6:00 p.m.) Location: Celeste Center, 717 E. 17th Ave, 43211, Ohio Expo Center (State Fairgrounds)  For more information about Building Responsibility Equality And Dignity (B.R.E.A.D. Organization), see Please RSVP to Ryan Agnew by May 11th at


13 E. Tulane events:

Friday, May 2nd, 6-9:pm & Saturday May 3rd, 2-6:pm
This Instant: Photographic Works by Gaelin Hill, Kara Gut & Clare Gatto

This past year, Columbus based artists Clare Gatto and Kara Gut have been producing work using the Instant Camera as their primary medium of choice, interested in its obsolescence due to societies ongoing quest for convenience. Both artists have been examining their surroundings through the lens of a disposable camera, creating harsh vignettes with the aid of the built in flash, seeking to dramatize the fleeting moments that, at first glance, one might consider mundane. Likewise, Gaelen Hill has been consciously choosing to take snapshots with his iPhone camera trying to capture events within the urban landscape that speak to the construction involved in a painting and drawing process. All three artists attempting to present a moment that is free from any predispositions towards the subject or object in focus. Together, we have curated and created an exhibition that delves into the subjectivity of the snapshot.

fb event:


Saturday, May 3rd, 11:am-12:30
Workshop: Sound, Listening, and Meditation
Instructor: C Lavender
Workshop registration: $15

In this workshop participants will learn how to utilize sound & listening into their meditation practices for a deeper engagement with their environment. Sound has been proven to stimulate the body as well as provide a deeper “grounding” effect than classic silent meditation. Participants will get an introductory knowledge of sound & listening meditations as well as some traditional & experimental meditation practice. Please wear comfortable clothing & be aware that we will be sitting and moving for extended durations. No experience in meditation or music necessary.

About the instructor: C. Lavender is a sound artist and healer based in upstate New York. She is currently receiving certification in Sound Healing and is a Deep Listening ® certificate candidate. She is also a Reiki II practitioner & apprenticing herbalist interested in bringing healing methodologies into the world of sound art and experimental music. 

To learn more and to preregister please visit:

Sunday, May 4th, 6-7:00 - and most Sundays - 
Sacred Shimmy - Advanced Tribal Belly Dance

This class is designed for the dancer with some mastery of Levels One & Two who feels ready to develop her dance into something greater. Teacher permission is required to attend.  Please contact with any inquiries.
Ongoing, most Sundays from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. $15 drop in, $60 three class pass. Sacred Shimmy updates here.


Tuesday, May 6th, 7:30pm - and every Tuesday -
Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana

Queer Yoga is Columbus's first queer-focused yoga class that offers professional yoga instruction in a designated Safe(r) Space. We endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and community in all we do, from sun salutations to post-yoga snack time. Whether you are new to yoga, or you can complete a headstand without assistance, you will find something to challenge and deepen your practice.

Class fees are $6 for ALL participants. Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat.


Saturday May 10th, 7-10:pm
Performance: Divine Circles + Elisa Faires + Sound Thief

On Saturday, May 10, we are proud to feature experimental electronics/violinist Divine Circles (NC), ambient musician/vocalist Elisa Faires (NC), and experimental electronic musician Sun Thief (CMH). Date: Friday, May 10, 2014. Location: It Looks Like Its Open (13 E. Tulane Ave. Columbus OH 43202). Admission: $5. Doors open 7pm.
To learn more about the performers, please visit:


Sunday, May 11th, 2-4:pm (every second-Sunday)
Open Meditation: Fierce Kindness

Participants are welcome to practice any form of meditation or quiet practice they feel comfortable with. You are invited to share their techniques and the experience of getting to know themselves with awareness. Two 20 minute sessions will be followed by tea. There is no cost. Donations are welcome.

Seth's reflection for this month: 

Our April meditation coincides with Mothers Day. It is an opportunity to celebrate our mothers, whether living or dead, and to practice the deepest form of care-taking exemplified by maternal love. 

In one of the oldest Buddhist scriptures, the Metta Sutta (teaching on loving-kindness), the selfless power of the mother's love is offered as a model:

"Even as a mother, at risk of her life, watches over and protects her only child, so too, with a boundless mind, should one cherish all living things - suffusing love over the entire world, above, below, and all around, without limit."

We should keep in mind that this loving-kindness is not sacrificial love. Often mothers are destructively expected to set aside their own happiness for the benefit of children and spouses. In contrast, this love is "without limit" and so must include oneself. Paradoxically, we must learn to risk our life to cherish our life. 

This protective love is fierce, in that it can carry "a heartfelt and powerful intensity." It is also not limited to the human, it does not require civilization to learn. Thus, it is fierce in that it is feral, untamed (fierce and feral share the Latin rootferus). 

The practice of fierce kindness, develops in us the capacity to speak truth even when the truth is not welcome. It is an intense nurturing, uninhibited kindness, protectiveness without a separation between victim and perpetrator. It is vulnerable and self-reliant. 

I'm still learning how to embody this. Let's teach each other how to live this way together. 

Facebook event page for this session:


Saturday, May 17th, 7-10:pm
Exhibition Opening: Brian Harnetty: Moonshine Parade

Sound artist Brian Harnetty will be exhibiting his work Moonshine Parade (2014), a 30-minute looped 6-channel sound installation. Work will be up May 17 2014 - May 31 2014: opening reception 5/17. 

More info:


Saturday, May 24th, 1-4:pm
Workshop: Building homemade musical instruments
Instructor: Ben Miller
Class fee: $35 ($42 if you would like to make a marimba, $50 if you would like to make a wood plank electronic guitar)

Benjamin Miller’s Workshop informs students on the basic principal of sound vibration by building a variety of homemade musical instruments. Using books by Bart Hopkins from, he helps attendees understand and build Rubber-band Guitars, Straw Oboes, Bobby Pin Marimbas, PVC flutes, Tin Can Drum Sets, Rice Maracas, various Percussion Mallets, 6-string Wood Plank Guitars, and more. Miller engages discussion on Composition, Open-ended Improvisation and Intuitive Listening. Attendees, Musicians and non-Musicians of All Ages, have Fun creating new sounds and recording them for posterity. Miller also shares his active and diverse musical background over the past four decades.
To register for the workshop, please visit:


Friday, June 13th, 7:30pm-
Full Moon Dance Party with Sacred Shimmy Bellydance

Mark your calendar!

Spend the Friday the 13th letting the full moon pull the tides of your hips into dancing and vibrations from your drums.

Dancers, musicians, and performers are invited to perform, and audience members and onlookers are invited to applaud, ooh, and aah to your hearts' content.

Our live drummers will be available to make magic for those who would like accompaniment, and recorded music is also welcome if that's what moves you best.

Open dancing will also be offered for those who might not like to perform but still want to make an offering to the moon.

Admission: $5

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