It Looks Like It's Open (ILLIO) - 13 E Tulane Rd, Columbus, Ohio


Studio-mate shows not at the studio:

December 14 ~ Columbus Museum of ART’s ALL day open house for the brand new Family Wonder room.  50 handmade costumes created by Heidi Kambitsch will be on display for play. Come meet the artist, explore the new space and pretend. Prepare to open your imaginations and become a wicked wild creature !


13 E. Tulane events:


Friday, Nov. 8th, 8pm sharp
DIY musics!

Jetzt Collective (bloomington all star band)
plus: Jordan A Martin (solo tunes)
Blue Friction (jean jamz folk & pop)


Saturday, November 9, 1pm – 4pm

Instructors: Dan Rockwell and Jeff Chenault
Fee: $37.50 for one; $67.50 for two
Join electronic musicians Jeff Chenault and Dan Rockwell as they teach participants the fundamentals of making music on the iPad with the GarageBand app. 


Sunday, November 10, 10am – 12noon (performance shortly after)
Instructor: Kryzsztof Topolski
Fee: $37.50 (we keep the transducers); $82.50 (you keep the transducers)
In this workshop, participants will create contact mics and experiment with transducers to process field recordings and transform ordinary objects into electronic instruments.


Sunday, Nov. 10, 2:00-4:pm 
Open Meditation: The better way to live alone

"Do not pursue the past.
Do not lose yourself in the future.
The past no longer is.
The future has not yet come.
Looking deeply at life as it is
in the very here and now,
the practitioner dwells
in stability and freedom."

In this way, the Buddha advised a student not to live like a hermit always apart from human contact. Awakening to the present, he called this "the better way to live alone." (Bhaddekaratta Sutta)

True sovereignty of the self, true freedom, can only be found if we live vulnerable to love in this in-breath and this out-breath. Quiet, solitude; retreating from others can be a way to heal, these things can nurture our sense of our own wholeness. Yet, giving ourselves over to this flash of lightning, this child's laugh, this is the essence of the healing power of solitude.

Our life's purpose is not far away. It is here already. Don't wait for your appointment to begin living fully. As Samiddhi, a student of the Buddha, described it,

"I, friend, do not reject the present moment
to pursue what time will bring.
I reject what time will bring
to pursue the present moment.
This Dharma is here-present, out of time,
inviting inspection, leading onward,
to be realized by the wise each for herself."
(Samiddhi Sutta)

*Please join us for this simple practice together.

*We will sit for two 20 minute quiet sessions, with mindful walking in between. We will have time for every participant to talk before and after the sit. Those new to meditation are welcome to join and participate as much as they feel comfortable. There is no cost. Donations will be accepted.


Tuesday, Nov. 12th 7:30pm - and every Tuesday -
Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana

*** Derek Lory, someone who has been part of our Queer Yoga community for years, is in the hospital and we want to do what we can to help out. For the month of November, we will be donating all of our proceeds to helping out with his hospital bills. We are keeping Derek in our thoughts, and we are glad to help out however we can. ***

Queer Yoga is Columbus's first queer-focused yoga class that offers professional yoga instruction in a designated Safe(r) Space. We endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and community in all we do, from sun salutations to post-yoga snack time. Whether you are new to yoga, or you can complete a headstand without assistance, you will find something to challenge and deepen your practice.

Class fees are $6 for ALL participants. Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat.


Thursday, Nov 14th, 7:30-9:pm

The Buddha: A Spiritual Journey

A slide presentation of the major events in the Buddha's life, used as a way to teach about the Buddhist way. This is an Introductory presentation in BNCO's "Buddhism for the Curious" occasional series.


Friday, November 15th, 8:30-11:30pm
But I Digress... 

to express in the most unlikely place

even though you get to go

experience the experiment

Sarah Weinstock and Abby Nelson team up to explore non-linear thought by way of an interactive dance party.  Fragments of sentences, pieces of ideas, disconnected musings, and out-of-context phrases will hang adrift, floating around the space, to encourage your thoughts as well as your body to dance.

Enjoy musical stylings by DJ Luke Toney, light refreshments, and a playful environment.  

We hope to see you and your friends there!  


Friday, Nov. 22, evening
OSU Photography Club, group show opening!

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