Art of the Spirits

Tomorrow (Sunday at 1:00) is the first of our five "Technologies of the Self" events, the ecstatic trance session with Susan Josephson. We have a bunch of chairs and are ready for the big group it seems will be attending! What knowledge will emerge in this "operation" on the self?

According to Felicitas Goodman, this technique is intended to connect the ordinary reality with that of the Spirits, "Ritual is the rainbow bridge over which we can call on the Spirits and the Spirits cross over from their world into ours. ...the ordinary and the other reality belong together. They are two halves of one whole. Only their joining will make a complete world, a world worth living in. The existence of humans is empty without the Spirits, but theirs is equally incomplete without involving us, and the world about us. Although they are so much more powerful than we are, in this sense they need us." (1990, p.55)

Is this cultural appropriation of indigenous spirituality or the recovery of something lost in our 'modern' society? I would love to hear reflections, critiques, suggestions after the event. A discussion could develop here on this blog or elsewhere.
I also thought folks would be interested to see a few drawings Susan made as depictions of visionary experience. To the left are photos of two pen and ink works which incorporate illustrations of ritual body posture.

Reminder: for the best experience, don't eat at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. If possible, fast for the whole morning.   -Seth

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