Technologies of the Self : Mindfulness Meditation

itlookslikeitsopen studio ; 13 e. tulane rd.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 1:00pm until 3:00pm

To know the self, and to care for the self, is first to observe it without judgment.

Mindfulness meditation practices have roots in early Buddhist vipassana dhyana, but the basic practice of attention and awareness is universal and the value of this type of meditation now has overwhelming scientific recognition.

The second in a series of five "Technologies of the Self" events, Daron Larson will lead participants in an introduction to the concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity necessary for attentional fitness.

“Mindfulness meditation is not a means of escaping from life, but a strategy for engaging more directly with it. Just as physical exercise increases strength, flexibility, and endurance to support the activities of our lives, mindfulness meditation develops concentration, sensory clarity, and a greater openness to embrace whatever happens in the present.

Directly encountering the obstacles to waking up to our lives, instead of overwhelming us, begins to nurture compassion in us as we realize more clearly the nature of suffering which we all have in common.” -Daron Larson

Daron has worked as a psychiatric social worker and is a student of Shinzen Young. More information is on his website at

***Facilitators are not expecting payment and all sessions are by donation. Please contribute to their visit and the rent and maintenance of the studio space with a small contribution.

[Event photo by Daron Larson.]

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