David Staniunas had a show August 2010 at It Looks Like It's Open with Adam Hinterlang. David and his partner, artist Sara Gallo, moved to Philadelphia this fall. I caught up with him in Columbus while he was installing his work at ROYGBIV Gallery. David's recent completion of the Kent State University's MLIS program has something to do with the recurring depictions in his work of a character performing various specialized tasks vaguely referencing information science and blowing bubbles. Works included in the photos below are acrylic on canvas and guache on paper. David's work will be up at ROY through Nov 27, along with superb photos and video by Takeshi Moro. An artists' talk is scheduled Saturday, Nov 27th at 2:30pm.


SKYLARKING by David Staniunas and Adam Hinterlang here and here

Gallostan site and blog

ROYGBIV Gallery here

Takeshi Moro


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