aluminum foil mtn and worm man at ccad

mountain builders!

A special THANKS to Jim Voorhies and Diana Matuszak at the Bureau for Open Culture at CCAD

April 23, 2010
Aluminum Foil Mountain and Worm Man
Aimee Sones and Ryan Agnew in collaboration with the Learning Site Audible Dwelling

Made of an everyday household material, Aimee Sones’s Aluminum Foil Mountain is a sculpture and day-long action that questions notions of planned obsolescence, consumption of natural resources and conflicted intersections of mining and agriculture. Sones collaborates with the physical qualities of the Learning Site Audible Dwelling to create a large, temporary sculpture of aluminum foil over one speaker house. Ryan Agnew’s Worm Man consists of sound recordings of the usually unheard and out-of-sight labors of worms churning and fortifying the earth. The sounds are amplified from both speaker houses. Agnew’s evening performance across the asphalt parking lot draws on concepts of displacement and habitation in Audible Dwelling.

Location: Audible Dwelling in the parking lot on CCAD campus at corner of N. Washington and E. Long Streets Map
Time: dawn to dusk

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