Thursday, December 17

7:00 PM

305 N. Walnut St., Yellow Springs

$5 admission

Environmentalist, filmmaker, performance artist and prankster Mike Bonano of the Yes Men will appear live (via skype) to dialogue with the audience at Nonstop on Thursday evening, December 17 at 7 PM ($5 admission) at 305 N. Walnut St. (in the Millworks complex). In addition to screening some of the Yes Men's rarely seen early work and responding to viewers' questions, Mike will conduct a workshop with those attending to generate plans for a project in the Miami Valley. Don't miss this local engagement with the Yes Men!

Mike Bonano is one of the artist-activist Yes Men, who wrote, produced, and performed in the film The Yes Men Fix the World (2009). Recent Yes Men projects include last year's publishing and distribution of a special issue of The New York Times with headlines that the Yes Men and their collaborators wanted to see. The always provocative Yes Men have focused their creative actions in recent years on corporate irresponsibility in response to environmental disasters such as the catastrophic contamination in Bhopal, India as well a critique of lobbyists and organizations who refuse to recognize climate change as an impending global crisis. The Yes Men have also challenged governmental neglect in the current housing crisis in New Orleans.

The Yes Men's work as interdisciplinary artists have been featured in the Whitney Biennial (2006), and in The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere, an important exhibition at Mass MoCA (2005) of artists who "trespass into the everyday world to raise our awareness of injustice and other social problems." The Yes Men will be speaking with a Yellow Springs audience immediately following their attendance at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. See more about the Yes Men at their website: Nonstop Institute has recently registered as a non-profit organization and will continue to present cultural and educational programming in Yellow Springs. Check out the Nonstop website at:

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