Tuesday, June 16
A Conversation with Learning Site
13 East Tulane Road
starts at 8 pm
Learning Site is a collective comprised of Rikke Luther from Denmark and Cecila Wendt from Sweden. They make projects specific to the sites in which they decide to work, drawing on local skills, resources and knowledge. Their collaborations examine intersections of natural resources, economic markets, habitation, land rights, labor and sustainability to initiate dialogue and insight about conditions specific to the locations the work is produced. Learning Site has formed collaborations and made projects in New Delhi, Copenhagen, Singapore, Chicago, Moriya, and Monterrey, among other sites. They will produce a work in the urban context of Columbus as part of the fall exhibition Descent to Revolution organized by the Bureau for Open Culture at Columbus College of Art & Design.
Visit bureauforopenculture.org to learn more about its programming initiatives and the exhibition Descent to Revolution.
Visit learningsite.info to read more current and past projects.
Poster Dwelling; Land, Market and Economy, New Delhi, 2008